Someone says, June is a season for flying dream; Someone says, June is a season for bringing inspiration; but for the sales elites and support staff from Hanke Group, June,2011 is special and unforgettable......

The second tour was held as scheduled. The sales elites, middle management cadres and support staff have participated in this activity. We set out on June 4, going to the famous scenic spot-Shengnongjia.We have had a visit to Shennong Top, Shennong Altar, the Great Falls in Three Gorges and other famous scenic spots. We returned to wuhan in the afternoon, June 6.

This activity has reflected "employee-oriented" management idea of Hanke Group, but also laid a good foundation for reaching the annual sales target. May sales elites try again to complete sales target ! May each person in Hanke works together more actively,struggling for a better tomorrow!

Warm Congratulations On The Second Tour’s Return From Shennongjia

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