Sichuan earthquake happened on May 12 th,2008, shocked people across the whole world, especially we chinese. In the face of great disaster, China has risen up his backbone! All the people are working together against the disaster!


In the face of the disaster, General Manager of Wuhan Hanke Color Metal Sheet Co.,Ltd, with all staff actively involved in earthquake relief work. In half a day, a total of  34,330 yuan donation has been sent to the disaster area.

Good placement for the victims as soon as possible is the target for the government, also the urgent desire of people across the country! The Government introduced automobile rooms as transitional settlement.The raw materials is supplied by our company. In the process of reconstruction, all the staff work overtime. In half a month, our compa-ny had supplied the society a total of 5,000 tons of color plates, which can meet the needs of building 10,000 sets of automobile rooms. We will try our best to make more co-ntributions to the disaster area!

Sichuan Earthquake Relief

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